Health Testing

Custom Genetic Solutions Pre- Entry Health Tests

The following health standards have been put in place for your protection as well as ours. This gives everyone the peace of mind that the semen produced at our facility will be of the highest quality. Please complete the following health test prior to arriving at the CGS facility.

CGS’s veterinarian can also complete these health tests at our off-site facility if space is available.

Entry Health Tests


Test Type of Testing
Physical Examination
*Semen check is highly recommended*
By accredited veterinarian
*Though most states have a free status, this is still a required test.*
Negative intradermal tuberculosis test
*Though most states have a free status, this is still a required test.*
Leptospirosis MAT
*Any results higher than 1:100 will require a two-week waiting period and a retest*
*This is still a required test even if the bull is a virgin.*
BVD PCR, ELISA, FA, IMP, or ear-notch
*Test need only if bull is 3 years or older*

Health test are only good for 30 days. Make sure to coordinate your bulls arrival date with CGS.

On the day of your bull’s arrival to CGS, make sure you have the following in order:

  • Health papers
  • Copies of all test results listed above
  • Copy of his registration papers or his registration number if applicable. We want to ensure that the bulls name and registration number are recorded correctly
  • Ownership and billing information
  • Number of units to be collected
  • Units needed for export (requires additional 6 weeks of CSS testing), or number of sexed units.

Entry Health Tests
Incoming Bull Form